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See the U.S.A - New Orleans

If you’re not planning your next trip around what, where and how often you’re going to eat, you’re doing it wrong!

In order to really know a city or country, one must also taste it. Fun, Food, Folklore = New Orleans

139 restaurants,62 shopping & specialty,

46 arts & culture,39 entertainments

Casino has 2,100 slot machines, over 90 table games and poker

 My personal favorites are the “National World War II Museum “ and last time I walked to a little gallery and they had a painting entitled “Purple Rain”.  I wondered if that is where Prince got the name of one of his songs.

Planning on accommodations in walking distance- “Fun, Food, Folklore”

See the U.S.A.-New Orleans

Your favorite is?

*Culture seeker itinerary

*Foodie itinerary

*Game day itinerary

*Streetcar itinerary

*Budget itinerary

*Cruise itinerary

*customized tour for your group is available

Yes it includes r/t travel from Myrtle Beach

Spring & Fall best times of year to go

Barbara McGhee from Cameo Travel Center

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                                                                                 Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho

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